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Letter from a VP


Please find below a letter received from Michael Lidstone one of the Club’s Vice Presidents


SATURDAY 9th July 2022 – Bapchild 1st XI v Downham & Bellingham at Radfield Hill

Three vice presidents set out to see the match arriving around 2:00pm.  Bapchild were in the field with the Opposition on 80 for 3 with many overs left and it looked like they would be chasing 200+.  We met up with four other Vice Presidents and Jackie Inge whose husband was also a Vice President before his un-timely passing.  Also it was lovely to see Bill & Chris Moys together with Steve and Jayne Willis who were there supporting their “boys”.    Settling down to watch the match the team’s fielding and bowling were very good with catches held.  Downham were restricted to 168 as they found themselves bowled out and the feeling was Bapchild “could get these”.

Matt and Tom opened but they were not there together for long as Tom was bowled.  He was replaced by Mr Reliable (Ricky) but oh dear caught behind followed by a slow exit. Matt was still there and was joined by James Weller. Would two left handers confuse the bowling. A sound partnership formed before James said farewell allowing Cameron to make a short appearance before missing a straight ball.  Let young Josh show his ability but unfortunately Downham were bowling straight, too straight and Josh was bowled.  Matt was still there and the score was growing with a partnership with Michael Willis.   Then a “train smash” as Matt and Michael collide and both are flat out on the track.  Michael runs to the danger end …… OUT !   My wife was heard to say “unfair they hit each other and the wicket keeper shouldn’t run him out!!”.  My memories drift back to Ray Wood and Graham Chick doing the same thing only broken bones were the result …… Only names change in cricket !!!

Anyway Matt was still there to be joined by Ben Wiebe-Williams and a few more runs are added before Ben left to be replaced by Kesha who again contributed with double figures before also leaving the game. Kesha was replaced by Tyler who played a “classical” innings and secured a 2 wicket win with Skipper Matt (who was still there!).   The most relieve player must have been Harry who didn’t have to bat.

The VPs, Jackie and all the others gave suitable applause to both sides for an excellent game of cricket

Thank you to the 1st XI and Downham and Bellingham for such entertainment

Mike Lidstone



CHAIRMAN:   Thank you Mike for taking the time to write in and glad you all enjoyed the game.  It is always wonderful to see so many Vice Presidents and friends supporting the Club.

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