Bapchild Cricket Club

Club Officers

Officers of the Club

Chairman – C. Hunt,
Secretary – M. Collier,
Treasurer – Mrs P. Wood,

General Committee Members

Fixture Secretary – J. Sutton,
Saturday 1st Captain – R. Dale
Saturday 2nd Captain – N. Page,
Saturday 3rd Captain – A. Phillips,
Sunday Captain – J. Sutton,
Colts Manager – R. Archbold,
Ground Manager – B. Wood,
Bar Manager – N. Mills,
Fundraising & Social Manager – Mrs L. Hunt,
Welfare Officer – Mrs M. Hawkes.

Other Positions

Deputy Welfare Officer – Mrs J. Phillips,
Selection Committee – Chairman, Captains & Vice Captain
Kent Cricket League Representative – N. Page
Kent Cricket Regional League Representative – A. Phillips,
Kent Village League Representative – J. Sutton
Data Protection Representative – C. Hunt

E.G. Doubleday.

Vice Presidents
R. Bottle, J. Hollamby, I. Marsh, R. Jackson, N. Shah, Mrs B. Cooke, N. James, T. Smith,
S. Harrison, M. Larking, W. Stevens, Mrs J. Harrison, Mrs L. Larking, Mrs E. Wood,
K. Hart, Mrs L. Taylor, M. Lidstone, S. Botting, Mrs K. Mitchell, Mrs S. Lidstone, R. Lincoln.