Bapchild Cricket Club

Keeping it in the Family !!

U12 Broncos v Upchurch August 2019
A few years ago when the Bapchild colts was in its infancy there were a few occasions when brothers and sisters got a chance to play cricket together.  There was the Tatton brothers, the Lee brothers and the Cooper brothers and more recently the Gunner brothers playing colts cricket as a pair in the same team.
Last Thursday evening at Upchurch the Broncos turned up for a league game sporting a mix of 4 girls and 4 boys that included  3 sets of brothers and sisters all playing in the same team.   It does not happen very often and therefore it was lovely to have the opportunity for this to take place.
The Broncos narrowly lost the game but it was very close and a good time was had by all.
Well done to all who played and thanks to all the parents and grand parents on the night for making it such a lovely evening out.
Nice to see Coach Steve Hogg in the picture with the team

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