Bapchild Cricket Club


Changing Room and Showering Facility Policy

This policy covers the arrangements to be made for adults, and children (under the age of 18 years), using changing facilities.

  • Adults must not change, or shower, at the same time using the same facility as children
  • If adults and children need to share a changing facility, they must do so at different times.
  • Mixed gender teams must use the changing rooms at different times.
  • The Club Representative (Coach, Adult Captain etc.) should organise the timing and ensure away team opposition are not in their changing room at the same time as a child or a person of a different gender
  • Two Club Representatives (or one Club representative and one responsible adult), of which one should preferably be of the same gender as the person changing, should stand outside of the changing room entrance so the child or person in the changing room is not accidentally disturbed.
  • Due to the risks of inappropriate photography or filming, mobile phones must not be used in changing rooms.
  • If children are uncomfortable changing or showering at the club, there is no pressure for them to do so. They may instead change and shower at home.
  • The parent/guardian/carer may give permission for their child (particularly for older children playing senior cricket) to change at the same time as the adults (via the Registration form) but should be aware that the Club’s home and away changing rooms are combined.   


Date Updated – 1st April 2021

Completed by – Mel Hawkes

                                  Club Safeguarding Officer