Bapchild Cricket Club

100 Club

 July 100 Club Winners

1st Prize Miss Victoria Gillane –  2nd Prize Mr A Rayner –  3rd Prize  Mr S Cosstick  –  4th Prize  Mr S Botting


The cost of running such a large club is always high such as ground and building upkeep, equipment, membership to associations, training of coaches etc. In order to keep annual subscriptions and matches fees low we run a number of fund raising events and activities of which the 100 Club is one.

The 100 Club currently offers four CASH PRIZE winnings every month with an additional “Grand Christmas Draw” in December.

Anyone who wishes to join the 100 Club will be allocated a NUMBER for the duration of their participation at a cost of £2 each month per NUMBER. There is no limit to how many NUMBERS a participant may have.

Membership is not restricted to club members and can be offered to family and friends.

A minimum of 50% of the proceeds will be returned as CASH PRIZES. The number of CASH PRIZES will therefore be dependant on the total of NUMBERS sold.

Currently the CASH PRIZES are:
Monthly Draw:
1st Prize £50
2nd Prize £25
3rd Prize £10
4th Prize £10

Grand Christmas Draw:

1st Prize £250
2nd Prize £100

If you would like to join the 100 Club and support the cricket club throughout the year or require further information regarding to how the Lottery works or have any further questions, please contact Nick Page.

Download 100 Club Application Form