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Happy New Year to You All

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I hope this post finds you and your family well and safe.   The last 10 months have been quite incredulous and something none of us could have imagined this time last year.  Cricket at Bapchild was naturally impacted initially with our winter nets being suspended and then cancelled.  The league season never started with the first lockdown being implemented in late March.  It looked at one stage if no recreational cricket would be played during the summer but in Mid-July the Government gave the ECB permission to start local cricket on the condition a number of guidelines were met.

After collating and distilling approximately 70 pages of various guidelines, from different bodies including the Government, ECB and the Health and Safety Executive, the committee created a plan that allowed the Club to re-open in Mid-August.   In order to do so we replaced the existing toilet sinks with new mixer basins together with paper towel dispenser.   Many areas of the pavilion were closed down including the Kitchen, Bar and Changing Rooms and a “one out, one in  system” introduced for use of the toilet facilities.  PPE was purchased and a number of policies, procedures and guidelines written to inform participants (players, officials, spectators etc) how to follow guidelines and remain safe.  These guidelines covered what to do in the event an outbreak of coronavirus at the club through to what the requirements were for individuals on and off the pitch and how to use the registration system that we had implemented to support Test and Trace.

Signage in the pavilion and around the ground was implemented as well as safe areas to sit including a parking area for those who wished to watch from the safety of their cars.  A large gazebo was lent to the club to keep the players out of the sun …… and rain.   The ground staff had done a wonderful job maintaining the square and outfield during lockdown and after a full risk assessment was completed, the Club opened its doors on the 13th August for its first home game of the summer.   We had managed to play some away friendlies before this time with clubs who had managed to implement their guidelines more quickly.    

At a senior level we operated two Saturday teams and one Sunday team playing a number of friendlies plus a local Saturday league with Minster, Faversham and Rodmersham. Our colts also played a number of matches against other teams from the Swale Development League.  In total we played 17 senior matches and 18 junior matches with just over 70 senior and junior members participating.    The games were played in great spirit with everyone enjoying and being appreciative that we were able to play cricket.

I am happy to say that everyone remained safe and well during this time and I would like to thank the committee, coaches and volunteers that helped not only to get the Club ready to open but also kept everyone safe during the summer activities. I would also like to thank everyone who attended the ground during summer for their fantastic community spirit and for respecting those around them.

We do not know what the 2021 season will bring but hopefully, with the promising news of vaccines being made available, cricket will be able to return to its more normal form.   Whether it does or whether we have to continue with a restricted form of cricket, I know the Club will continue to thrive and that will be due to the wonderful members, volunteers, families and friends that we are so fortunate to have at Radfield Hill.

That only leaves me to wish you and your family all the very best for 2021 and I hope you all stay safe and well

Warmest Regards



Bapchild Cricket Club

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