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LRCL Playing Conditions 2022

Kent Regional Cricket League

Playing Conditions 2022

These Playing Conditions are in addition to the League Constitution.



1.1 All matches shall commence at 1.00pm. 

In the event that both clubs are in agreement, then matches can start earlier (but not before 12.30pm) or later (but not later than 1.30pm). If any such fixtures are agreed to start earlier or later than the default time, then notification must be sent to the League Administrator.

1.2 Each team should provide a non-playing umpire for a League fixture. There is no penalty for not providing an umpire, but it is expected that every side makes a reasonable effort to appoint an umpire who is familiar with the laws. In the event of only one umpire being present, they will do both ends, if and only if they agree to do so.

1.3  The toss is to take place at least 15 minutes before the appointed start time. 

1.4 If a team does not provide an umpire, that side MUST provide members of their team to stand as the square leg umpire, or to share umpiring duties, at the discretion of the bona fide umpire. In the event of neither team providing an umpire, then each club will provide members of their team to undertake the umpiring duties at both ends throughout the innings in which they are batting.

1.5 A delayed start caused by a team’s tardy attention to timeliness, and not by exceptional circumstances, will mean that team receiving one less over, when batting, for every 3 full minutes by which the start is delayed.

1.6 Even though arriving late, a player must be ready to participate in a match, at the very latest, by the start of the 21st over of the first innings. If fielding, the player must take the field of play by that time. If batting, the player, or his captain must inform both umpires of his/her arrival before the 21st over has commenced. 



2.1 The normal duration of play shall be 40 overs in each innings of the game.

2.2 If the side batting first declares before using all their allocated overs, maximum bowling points will be awarded to the fielding team.

2.3 Blank

2.4 The two captains, in consultation with the umpires, may agree to reduce the number of overs from the outset if they believe that impending bad weather will prevent the completion of a match.

2.5 Umpires shall call the last over of each innings in such a way as to be understood by the batsmen, the captain of the fielding side and the scorers.

2.6 The playing time allowed for each full innings of 40 overs is up to 140 minutes (2 hrs 20 minutes). 

2.7 The umpires shall have the power to make allowances for time lost during an innings for drinks breaks and matters beyond the control of the fielding side and to deduct such time from the time taken to complete the innings. It is within the Spirit of the Game for umpires to advise captains when they are falling behind the required over rate and, at the close of play, of the points to be deducted. 

2.8 A side that fails to bowl the overs in the time allowed (after any agreed adjustments) shall have points deducted as set out in paragraphs 10.3.

2.9 A side bowling the opposition out within 2 hrs 20 minutes in a 40 over innings, will not be subject to any penalties.

2.10 In a match where the overs are reduced by agreement, the time allowed will be proportionally reduced.

2.11 A side cannot return a negative value of points in a match. In any such case, the return will be zero points.

2.12 There shall be an interval period (maximum length – 30 minutes), which unless the captains and match day officials agree otherwise, shall normally take place between innings. This interval period can be reduced in length if captains and match day officials are all in agreement.

2.13 In the event of a delayed start due to adverse playing conditions, no overs shall be deducted for the first 15 minutes lost. Thereafter, the match shall be reduced in length by 2 overs for every 6 minutes lost. The side batting first shall receive not more than half the overs so determined.

2.14 No match shall start later than 2 hours 30 minutes after the appointed start time, nor be reduced to fewer than 20 over per innings.

2.15 No match, once started, shall be reduced in length.

2.16 Any match in which the agreed number of overs have not been completed (e.g., due to stoppages for bad weather/light) and no result has been achieved, shall be deemed to have been abandoned. In the event of an interruption in play, the final hour shall commence at 7.00 pm from which time a minimum of 16 overs shall be bowled. For matches starting on or after 17th August, the time 6.30 pm should be read.  If at the end of that hour (or 16 overs if later) no result has been achieved, the match shall be deemed to have been abandoned. In the event of interference by weather or bad light in the last hour of play, one over shall be deducted for each three minutes, or fraction thereof, that is lost. Before the recommencement of play, the umpires shall indicate to the scorers and players the minimum number of overs to be bowled.

2.17 The maximum number of overs allowed per bowler is 9 overs.

2.18 If a match is reduced in length, the limit on overs-per-bowler shall be as set out below: -

Overs in reduced match (Innings) Over limit per bowler

37-39 9

33-36 8

29-32 7

25-28 6

21-24 5

Minimum 20 overs 4

2.19 If, during a match, a bowler is unable to complete an over for any reason, the remaining balls in the over shall be bowled by another member of the fielding side apart from the bowler who delivered the previous over or anyone who has completed their allotted number of overs. Any balls so bowled will count as a complete over in each bowler’s over allocation.

2.20 Blank 



3.1 The following restrictions are ONLY applied in Division 1 (Met/West), Division 1 (Central) and Division 1 (East) of the KRCL league structure.

3.2 At the instant of delivery, a maximum of five fielders can be outside the Fielding Circle.

3.3 In the event of an infringement, the square leg umpire shall call ‘No Ball’.

3.4 The Fielding Circle is defined as an area bounded by two semi circles centred on each middle stump (each with a radius of 30 yards) and joined by a parallel line on each side of the pitch. The Fielding Circle shall be marked with white plastic or rubber (not metal) discs measuring seven inches in diameter. It is the responsibility of the home team to ensure that the discs are in place prior to the start of the match.



4.1 The winners of a match receive 15 points, irrespective of whether they batted first or second.

4.2 The losers of a match receive between 0 and 9 points depending on the margin of their defeat.

The allocation of points is as follows:

Defeat between Defeat by Points

1 and 9 runs 1 wicket 9

10 and 19 runs 2 wickets 8

20 and 29 runs 3 wickets 7

30 and 39 runs 4 wickets 6

40 and 49 runs 5 wickets 5

50 and 59 runs 6 wickets 4

60 and 69 runs 7 wickets 3

70 and 79 runs 8 wickets 2

80 and 89 runs 9 wickets 1

90 and more runs 10 wickets 0

4.3 Both sides will also receive bonus points for bowling with one point being awarded for every 2 wickets taken. Maximum bowling points will be 5 either for all 10 wickets or when a side is ‘all out’.

4.4 In the event of the scores being level, each side receives 12 points plus any bonus points for bowling.

4.5 In the event of a match not being completed due to the weather, it will be classed as ‘abandoned’ and each side receives 10 points. There will be no bowling bonus points.

4.6 In the event of a team failing to fulfil a fixture, they will be deemed to have lost the match and will receive no points. They will also incur a penalty deduction of 5 points (paragraph 11.3). Their opponents shall be awarded 20 points.



5.1 The League will support the service provided by the website and all match results will be input via this facility on which the League tables and League statistics will also be maintained.

5.2 All member clubs shall appoint an administrator to be a point of contact for the League’s Results Secretary and to be responsible for all match results on each local website.

5.3 The home team in any match shall be responsible for the input of the result to its website by 12 noon on the Sunday following the game. 

5.4 Similarly, the full scorecard for a match, other than a cancellation, shall be input by 12 noon on the Tuesday following the game.

5.5 The away side shall review the result and scorecard which has been input and shall either confirm that the information is correct or shall duly correct the information, as necessary by 12 noon on the Wednesday following the game.

5.6 All member clubs are expected to keep their database of players and squads updated on a weekly basis and to ensure all its results and scorecards are correct with regard to scores, named personnel and performance details.

5.7 When ‘advertising/reporting’ the results of matches, care needs to be taken at all times on opinions expressed to the press and on local websites. All reports must be in writing and must keep in mind the ‘Spirit of Cricket’ and must not lead to accusations of bringing the League or any member club/player into disrepute.

5.8 Neither clubs nor individual club members should use social media of any kind (whether or not the material was intended for circulation to a limited group) to make offensive or derogatory remarks about other teams, match officials or others involved in a League fixture.  Breach of this rule will constitute serious misconduct and will be dealt with under paragraph 12.



6.1 If a team is unable to fulfil a fixture commitment, it shall ensure that its opponents and the League’s Results Secretary are advised of that fact no later than 5pm on the Thursday of the week in which the match is to be played. It is the club cancelling the fixture’s responsibility to ensure that any messages are received and acknowledged. It is not sufficient to leave messages on mobile phones or answer phones. If this deadline is not met, the offending club will be liable to a £50 fine payable to the league and will also receive an additional 5-point penalty.

6.2 In order to enable contact to take place, it is the responsibility of all clubs to ensure that at least 3 current sets of contact details for at least three separate individuals are displayed on their play-cricket web site page. Reasonable representations for any compensation by the non-offending team will be considered by the League, provided that their contact details were available. The offending club shall be liable for any expenses incurred by the other club involved to a maximum amount of £100.

6.3 In advance of the scheduled start time, no match may be abandoned without the prior consent of the captain of the away team, who shall have the right to inspect the ground before reaching a decision if he so chooses.  A home team abandoning a match without the consent of the opposing captain shall be deemed to have forfeited the match to the away team.  Should the home team seek to abandon the match because they consider conditions to be unfit for play, but the captain of the away team disagrees, the umpires (if they are ACO qualified and are not playing in the match) shall have the power to overrule the home team if in their view the conditions are clearly fit for play.  Once a match has commenced, the Laws of Cricket and these Playing Conditions shall apply.

6.4 If a match is abandoned (before or after the match commences) by reason of adverse weather or pitch conditions, the home team must give details of the circumstances (and of any opposing captain consent obtained) in the “highlights” section on the website, when submitting the match result in accordance with paragraph 5.3.

6.5 If a match is abandoned for any other reason, notification of that must be given to the League’s Results Secretary on the day of the match.  The captain of each side must submit an initial report, setting out the circumstances, to the League’s Results Secretary by 12 noon on the following day and a full report, including reports from umpires and other relevant individuals by 12 noon on the Monday following the game.



7.1 The balls to be used for all League matches are those approved and provided by the League and shall be common across all divisions.

7.2 A new ball shall be taken at the start of each innings. The home team shall provide both new balls



8.1 Pitches may be covered at any appropriate time.



9.1 All Clubs shall adopt and follow the Management Committee Guidance on Cricket Teas. Suitable guidance note will be published prior to the start of the season.



10.1 Failure to give timely notice of match result and or any team which fails to comply with all the requirements on the notification of results (contained within paragraph 5) shall, on each occasion, incur a fine as outlined below.

a) Fine of £10 for a summary result not input by 12 Noon the following day (Sunday) or £20 if not submitted by 6pm the following day (Sunday). In addition, there will be a 5-point deduction for any results not submitted by 6pm on a Sunday.

b) Fine of £10 for a match scorecard not entered by 6.00pm on a Tuesday. Point deductions for late match score sheets will apply as below.

i) A scorecard entered more than two weeks after the match – £20 fine and 5-point deduction.

ii) A scorecard entered more than three weeks after the match – £30 fine and 15-point deduction.

iii) A scorecard entered more than four weeks after the match – appropriate penalty to be laid down at that time by Management Committee.

10.2 Failure to fulfil a fixture commitment shall, in addition to any other administrative penalty, incur a 5-point penalty deduction.

10.3 Slowness of play in 80 over match – a side that fails to bowl the overs in the prescribed time, after any allowance made by the umpires shall have points deducted as follows.

a) More than 2hrs 20 minutes but less than 2hrs and 35 minutes one point

b) Between 2hrs and 35 minutes and 2hrs and 50 minutes two points

c) More than 2hrs and 50 minutes three points



11.1 Clubs undertake to abide by the Voluntary Code of Conduct.

11.2 Clubs undertake to abide by the League Disciplinary Procedure

11.3 Should there be any apparent conflict between the League Constitution, Code of Conduct and Playing Conditions, the League Constitution shall prevail.



12.1 The Management Committee shall have the power to take appropriate action against individuals or member clubs in the event of misconduct or breaches of either the Constitution or the Playing Conditions of the League.

12.2 These powers shall include, but shall not be limited to, the imposition of fines, the suspension of players, the deduction of points, the awarding of matches to the opposition, the relegation of a Club to a lower Division, and the expulsion of a Club from the League.



13.1 Clubs are required to comply fully with any specific requirements as set out by KRCL Management Committee as instructed throughout the season or as identified at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting. These will be known specifically as Management Committee Directives and will form part of these Playing Conditions of the League.